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The Secret's Out RPG (Harry Potter)

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In the year 2026, a group of twelve wizards created mass destruction with magic in front of thousands and killing hundreds in the middle of a London borough. The incident was televised world wide to millions of people, leaving no way to hide magic from the Muggle world any longer. Thus, the International Confederation of Wizards had no choice but to abolish the 1692 International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy. Now four months later, British Minister of Magic Neville Longbottom has taken down the barriers that separate Muggle London from wizarding London and tries to mend bridges between the two worlds.

Wizards and witches that have been forced to live with their abilities in secret are now allowed to do magic in front of whoever they want. Relations between Muggles and the magical community have increased steadily since the act was abolished, but there is an air of distrust and animosity surrounding both societies. Many wizards and witches still harbor prejudices against Muggles. Some continue to hide their abilities from Muggles while others welcome the new freedom with open arms. Some Muggles live in fear of the magic that now surrounds them. Others eagerly try to learn about magic and what it can do for them, believing not all magical people can be bad.

The world is now united, but after hundreds of years in silence, can they live together in peace?


The Secret's Out is a very character and player driven RPG. The main gameplay is reliant on the players coming up with their own ideas for interactions, relationships, and animosities between all the characters - wizard, witch, or Muggle.

Opening June 24th.
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