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Plus 28 Days - HP Post DH RPG

There's a New World Waiting For You
On October 31st, 1999, a group of eco-terrorists released a biological weapon at every major airport in the world. 50 hours later, governments across the globe initiated states of emergency. Those lucky enough to find shelter had to wait it out – the 28 long days for the infected to starve to death or kill each other in their madness. The world as you knew it is gone. Cities are virtually devoid of life. Less than 1% of the worlds population remains. The Magical and Muggle governments struggle to cope and plan for the future of the human race.

Your destiny awaits you.
We are Canon compliant up end of DH, minus Epilogue. Plus 28 Days is an adult game and smut is a part of it though not the focus of the game-wide plots. We have a strong core of players who value plotting, not gossiping - no drama between players is tolerated.

Playing for two year, world plots have included a Marriage Decree, train bombings, border closings, Azkaban break-outs and the return of Quidditch. Some of these world plots overlap and are still currently running. Mods are easy-going and willing to help anyone jump in. If you value a friendly environment for plotting and playing - Plus 28 Days might be the game for you.

Game ~ Available & Cast ~ Apply ~ Rules ~ Premise
What will you do in the new world?
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